Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fake Vokey wedges?

Now I was very brave and bought some Vokey Spin Milled wedges on ebay if I had my time over I probably wouldn't do it again and I'm not 100% sure of their legitimacy. They appear to be OK Golf Irons, but a couple of little things made me go hmmmmm. Nothing as outrageous as spelling errors or the like of course Discount Golf, but just little things like a degree symbol (0) after the loft Discount Golf, small hosel, serial number not engraved but rather etched on the hosel, Titleist name on grip facing up rather than down. They came from the US and the seller had about 30 positive feedbacks, for what that is worth. Can anyone provide a definitive answer as to whether they are fakes or not? I can post a picture later

R9 Advice

I just got an R9 9.5 degrees as a gift.I have been using the R7 SuperQuad 10.5degree and hit it pretty well Golf Equipments, I'm a relatively long hitter in comparison to the guys I play with and my natural shot is straight or slight draw Golf Sale Site, although fade/slice comes in often.I don't know much about the R9 and the various settings etc but would like to get some advice off owners of the R9 of what they recommend. I have taken it to the range and found it chalk and cheese to the R7 Golf Drivers Blog, it was blowing a gale so was hard to get much out of the session.Oh and I'm a lefty.

No serial number!

Hey guys Golf Irons, this is my first post. Thought i'd give you guys a heads up for buying off a guy on Ebay.I just got a Cleveland CG12 delivered.. Looked legit but after checking heaps of pics on google/cleve website etc found out it was fake.The seller is golf_1367 Golf Reviews Blog, I gave him bad feedback and reported it to the resolution center..Less than a day later (today) the case is closed and a refund is in the works. He hasn't even asked for the club back but has lied in his feed back to everyone..Here it is.FAKE! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER! Matter is now with resolution centre BEWARE!! Buyer: stickman7709 ( 0 ) 14-Sep-09 20:34 Reply by golf_1367 (15-Sep-09 14:40):New ebayer you said the club was damaged Golf Irons Blog, did not give us chance to sort unfair!Cleveland CG12 Black Pearl Finish 60o Wedge (#250494756158) AU $68.00 View ItemJust a warning to anyone who was maybe thinking about a purchase..Hope it might save someones hard earned.Cleveland Monster 10.5Retco Series 3 customs w/fatman shaftsGreg Norman 7000 series putter too cheap?

Been trying out new irons and drivers today and came home to have a think about it Golf Sale Online, whilst searching reviews Golf Drivers Shop, i came across (similar to ebay but based in melbourne).Now the thing i find hard to believe is that they have Callaway F-5 drivers Golf For Sale, which i tried and really liked selling for only $169 $30 postage. I thought that was odd than i found a set of callaway x22 irons for ONLY $376 $50 postage as a buy it now price.Now obviously these prices are ridiculously cheap but i wanted to see if anyone has purchased off this website before and if they are the real deal?Cheers,

Iron Set Recommendation (Beg)

I've been learning golf this year and I'm looking to get a new iron set.a) As a beginner Used Golf, I don't know whether I should opt for something like a Big Bertha or get a set of X-22s (or equivalent in other brands) given that my swing has improved lately and a Big Bertha might get outdated sooner than a set of X-22s? What's your opinion?b) I've hit a Big Bertha 09 (Steel) Golf Sale, Ping G10 (Graphite) and Taylor Made Burner 09 (Steel). Any recommendations on the best game improvement iron? At my (low) level Golf Irons Site, its hard for me to distinguish but I know they feel ALOT better than my current irons, a very cheap set of 12-yr old second-hand PGFs.c) Should I even bother with a new set or just opt for a new club(s). At the moment most of my work is done on a 6,7,PW. However I can score a new set of X20s (rockbottomgolf) for almost the price of 3 clubs of X22s, so I don't know.I mean, I could even get a second hand x-22 set off eBay but I'm just worried that they might not be authentic.

Weight of balls

Am ordering some golf balls for a family friend to bring out here from the US in a few weeks. Just trying to work out though Golf Equipment Shop, hopefully someone here can help Golf Clubs Today, possibly Boz Discount Golfs, how much would 2 dozen or 3 dozen golf balls weigh in their box?

Sunglasses for Golf

I have just broken my latest set of sunglasses. I live in Queensland Golf Drivers Shop, so sunglasses are a fact of life Golf Irons Site, but I have struggled with sunglasses whilst playing golf for a while Golf Clubs, with either comfort, or vision of the ball. Can anyone tell me which sunglasses they find best when playing golf?Brisbanedrive